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hi :) im robin (or apollo or colortraks or whatever.)

i dont have a great many things 2 say about myself but i can try anyways. i spend most of my days that im not working either on my computer doing...any number of things or driving around in my car to wherever the road takes me. blasting my music at maximum of course...!!

as a man i Am my interests...mainly my undying love for technolgy of all shapes n sizes n formats

my goal for this website is a simple one: i dont got one.

its my website for me. i put what i want on it when i want to for nobody but me. if it catches the eye of anyone else thats wonderful! this is why i love web 1.0 so much. all my social media feels like i have to tailor the ~Me experience~ to fit the boundaries of the platform and/or to be digestible to others. and to some extent i suppose i understand that, but it's really not for me in the long run.

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!thanks for reading my runon sentences. die if you didnt? idk